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    Problem with my NOOK - Most Aggravating

      Recently, (within the past month) I noticed that a segment of my NOOK appeared to be dead. This is most obvious while playing a game which is spread out all over the NOOK. I would go to tap something on one side of my NOOK, and absolutely nothing happened. My NOOK Tablet was a gift for Christmas in 2011. Since I've had my NT I've been disabled so I can say with some assurance that my NT has not seen near the action yours has. It, like me, is always home. So I was even more puzzled by this dead area. This thing has in no way been abused.


      Then within a very short period of time the dead area started to spread. Now there is a pretty large section of my NT that is unusable.


      Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know why I might be having this problem?


      Thanks Folks.

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          Try giving it a good cleaning with a microfiber cloth or similar. The NOOK Tablet and Color do occasionally act up if the screen has a build-up of residue.

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            It really didn't need it, but I've cleaned it with a microfiber cloth. I doubt if it looked this good brand new, but unfortunately it didn't help. Dead area is still there.
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              This sounds like a hardware problem If you've done a full power-off reset (long-press the power switch until the screen goes dead) then power it back on, I can only suggest dropping by a B&N or calling tech support. I'm sure they'll want you to do a full device reset, which can't hurt, but doesn't sound like a promising fix.


              Unfortunately, it sounds like you're out of warranty, so even if they determine you have a hardware problem, you probably won't get a replacement. They might, however, offer a discount on the already very cheap HD/+ devices that replaced the NOOK Tablet.

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                Unfortunately, I believe you're probably right. I don't know why but I have a feeling there isn't an easy fix for this, and that's why I've hesitated for so long to ask. Yes, I have done a full power-off reset. I think I would really dislike a full device reset IF it is all I was told it would be. Please allow me to ask about that here: The information I was given is that when a full device reset is done, oftentimes you lose a lot of stuff along the way which B&N isn't responsible for replacing, like games (or apps), pictures, and anything else on your NOOK which you put there without assist from B&N. Can someone tell me what I can truly expect if I ever decide to go the route of a full device reset? You are also correct that I am out of warranty. Do you have some way of suspecting that they might offer me a discount on a replacement, like history with them or did you mention that more along the lines of wishful thinking?

                If I go the route of a replacement, can someone tell me what to expect when you do that? What can be transferred from one to another? What might I have on my NOOK that there isn't a prayer of keeping and transferring? Anything you can tell me would be helpful.

                Finally, I'm not very familiar with forums, and I see a lot around here that I'm not sure what to do with. For example, am I supposed to be marking this somehow so it sorts properly into a subject matter discussed? Or something under "Options" that I'm supposed to do? Should I go ahead and "Accept As Solution" or wait for some reason? Again anything you want to give me a heads up on would be helpful.