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    Nook Locked in Recovery

      I've had a Nook Tablet 16 GB for quite some time now and I've found myself to be using it less and less, because I still buy physical books, however I will be traveling quite a lot this summer so I, once more, have a need for it. After the warranty ran out last year some time, I was looking to figure out a way to install stock Android somehow, but I wasn't sure how. I ended up formatting the internal flash storage to allow for the custom recovery and to install Android. I'd like to know if there are any ways of re-flashing the recovery to the B&N one, and to re-install the B&N version of Android. Or could I bring it straight to a B&N store and have them repair it?


      Here are some images of the boot-up sequence:


      Nook Boot.PNG

      (This occurs right after the initial boot screen with the normal Nook logo and the Adobe copyright information; I get a much larger Nook logo in the middle of the screen with no other text or images.)


      Nook Recovery.PNG

      (This occurs after the previous image; after about 30 Sec. it will load the CWM-Internal Recovery and I can't do anything after that.)