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    File mgmt Nook 7"


      I recently bought the new Nook 7" tablet and downloaded my library to it and downloaded a couple apps. It quickly filled the internal storage so I installed a 16 gb memory chip. When I open the file manager to move the files from internal to external storage, all the folders in internal storage are empty. Can't find the books anywhere. I know they are there since I can open and read them. But where are they?


      I also tried plugging the tablet into my windows PC so I could use it's file manager. But my PC cannot locate the Nook.


      Any suggestions?    Thanks, Mark J

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          Pretty sure you can't use the file manager to do it, since so much stuff is, as you found, hidden.  You have to do it from within the apps.  For example, on Nook books, you have to select each one and (where allowed) select Move to SD Card.  (Some publishers don't allow it but most will.)  I found it easier to clear out all my downloaded Nook books, set the option that says download to the SD card by default, and then re-download everything.

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