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    Loan Token Update Failed


      My Nook glowlight plus is suddenly not allowing me to open epubs that I have checked out on Overdrive. As of two days ago, I successfully checked out, downloaded, and transferred epubs, but today I am getting the message "loan token update failed" on every epub that I try to open. I have deauthorized and reauthorized Adobe Digital Editions, uninstalled and reinstalled several versions of ADE, created a new user for ADE, tried opening the epubs while my Nook was connected to wifi, tried opening them while not connected to wifi, tried opening them with the USB cord connecting my computer and my Nook, tried opening them without the USB cord connecting my devices, and erased & deregistered then registered my Nook. Meanwhile, books that I purchased open fine.


      To be honest, I don't know if this is a Nook problem, and Overdrive problem, or an ADE problem. I can't find anything online to help other than everything that I've already done. Has anyone else experienced this, and can anyone help me out?

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          Alex Garcia

          Thanks for the post Therese - I'll followup with our NOOK dev team and see if I can find an answer for you.


          - Alex

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            I began having all of these same issues last night as well. I spent several hours working on this only to give up in frustration!

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              I have the same issue also.  This is appears to be a GlowLight Plus issue.  I'm able to load and read the book fine on my old GlowLight.

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                I am having the same issue and am so frustrated! I am not liking the GlowLight Plus much at all, this upgraded Nook is lacking! I called Nook support last night and was told it's a known issue and to try back in about a week...really? A week? What's going on?

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                  Alex Garcia

                  Hi Vicki,


                  We are actively looking at this issue. To add some context it seems to be a little more complicated than a simple Glowlight Plus issue. On our end we haven't made any recent changes, and I hesitate to say this is on ADE/Overdrive, but we are investigating the matter. Unfortunately, I can't specify an exact time frame for you, though I apologize for what NOOK support communicated. That doesn't sound accurate either.


                  I'll definitely update this thread when we identify the issue.


                  - Alex

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                    The Glowlight Plus was working for me all week with library books up until 11/30. There was no update for the nook or for ADE, so I'm not sure why this is suddenly an issue. Please keep us updated, Alex.

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                      I am also having the issue and it started on 12/1 when I tried to download a book from the library. I have checked my adobe ID on both my laptop and the nook and they are the same. Nothing had changed that should cause the issue.

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                        Thank you. I also posted on the Adobe boards and haven't gotten any response.


                        I appreciate that, even though you don't have a "fix" for us at this time, you replied to let us know that you are looking into the problem. Thanks!

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                          The same issue started 11/30 for me on my Glowlight I purchased a year ago, so probably not exclusive to Glowlight Plus.

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                            Thank you Alex.


                            I too, am having the same issue.  Bought my Nook Glowlight Plus about a year ago and on or around Dec 1st is when it started popping up the "Loan Token Update Failed" message.

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                              I have two new NGPs.  Both have the same error message with epub library books.  I had two original first edition Nooks and neither had this problem.  I also have two Simple Touch with Glowlights that don't have this problem.  It would be nice of B & N to get this fixed fast so I don't have to return the new ones. 


                              A separate gripe is that library books now have to be side loaded for the NGP.  That was not necessary for either the first or second edition Nooks.  You could simply drag an drop in ADE.  Why can't B & N enable that same feature that was previously available and much more convenient for users.


                              At the B & N local store they told me that the GNP works well with library books.  That is obviously untrue. With each generation, B & N is making the Nook less compatible with library book usage with other ebook readers are becoming more compatible. Unless B & N plans to drop the Nook product line, it should promptly fixed these problems.


                              P.S. The drag and drop only worked for the second edition on ADE 3.0.  ADE 4+ seems to be particularly incompatible with Nooks.  It appears to work fine with most other ereaders.  Why not Nooks?

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                                I am also experiencing this same problem.  I got my Glowlight Plus four months ago.  Since then, my GLP worked flawlessly with B&N e-books, and also with library books borrowed from Overdrive, up until 11-29-2016, when I checked out two new library books from Overdrive, and then encountered exactly the same problem described by everyone else (i.e. "Error opening book - Loan token update failed").


                                In light of the symptoms everyone describes here, it is clear that what created this problem is definitely NOT something inside the GLP itself (so don't return or exchange your GLP). Moreover, be aware that there is a pretty good chance B&N is not the company responsible for creating this problem. (No, I don't work for B&N). The most likely scenario is that, about a week ago, some software person at another company (probably Adobe or Overdrive) made an incorrect change in the software running on that other company's server.  If so, then in order to get this corrected, B&N and the other company will have to work together in order to identify the precise source of the problem, and then reach agreement on how to resolve it (and the need for inter-company cooperation would explain why it seems to be taking several days to get this fixed and for things to get back to normal).  Most likely, the other company will simply need to track down and fix a recent error injected into its software, so as to get the software back to its previous state in which everything worked just fine.

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                                  Thanks for your email.  I do believe that the problem started on or about November 29 and is at least partly the fault of Adobe and/or Overdrive.  However, I fault B & N as well as Adobe and Overdrive.  B & N started out the Nook series advertising their compatibility with Overdrive library books and their first edition was easily compatible.  Since then, they have purposefully, tried to make it difficult to use Nooks with ADE.  The second edition would not work with ADE 4+ and the NGP will only work by side loading epubs.  ADE was designed to provide for dragging and dropping library books to the Nook drive within ADE.  That simplified the transfer of ebooks from ADE to Nooks. That can no longer be done with the NGP.  But, it can be done with other ereaders.  I spoke to the local B & N store today about the problems with transferring ebooks to the NGP.  They didn't even know about the problem.  When I explained it to them, they touted the new Nook 7 inch tablet for reading library books directly from Overdrive without using ADE.  The problem with that is that the tablet is not an ereader.  It does not have an eink screen and has a short battery life.  I've purchased two of each of the three iterations of Nooks.  But, I think the will be the last, and may well be return because of B & N's continuing lack of support for reading library books on the Nook.

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                                    Like several others, my wife's Glowlight plus is having the same token issue others in this thread had mentioned. I have the regular Glowlight an not having this issue. Any word on the cause and resolution???

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