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    'Open epub' books not working on nook

      I have a nook tablet that I received this past Christmas and have absolutely loved! Minus the limited apps, and the fact that we can't use the Google play store...but I digress.

      My issue is this: I have been downloading and reading epub books from my library through Adobe Digital Editions since I first set up my nook.  However I recently downloaded a couple which are 'open epub' I do not know what the difference between the file types is. The problem is that when I try to read the open epub books I get an Error Dialog box that says "Sorry, cannot open this book". The only thing that I can think of is that shortly after I downloaded the Media Overdrive App onto my nook, when I was getting the options for what to use to open my books I accidentally made Adobe Digital Editions my default reader.  Does anyone know if this would have caused this issue? And if so how I undo the default?
      (I have tried long holding the title in my files but do not get the option to change default readers)