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        It is IMPERATIVE that B&N tech support staff also be 'kept in the loop' about open issues because as late as today, I received a THIRD non-response to this issue.  B&N's email support keeps providing 'stock' responses with old or out-dated hotlinks to read and try, as if they either did not read what the customer was stating to be the issue, or they are being forced to "send something."  For example, just yesterday, in the 3rd response to my replies that B&N isn't understanding the issue and what I was asking of them, here is what I received:


        On 1/12/2016 a software update was released for NOOK GlowLight Plus to address several issues related to Adobe DRM ePub and PDF support.  This new release is versioned as  This is a follow-on release to the release that was pushed on 12/1/2015 to support Public Library ebooks (Adobe DRM ePub and PDF).


        The response went on to list the issues that this (OLD) release addressed.  But in my original correspondence, I pointed out that I was running Version, the CURRENT and MUCH LATER version of the software.


        Somewhere, there is a serious disconnect between what the open issues are, how they are being addressed, and, more importantly, how this gets disseminated to B&N's online support staff.  Why is it that this FORUM has more up-to-date information than B&N's tech support people???

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          Has there been any progress on the solution in the last three days since your post Alex? an ETA on when it might be?

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            What is the status of the nook update?

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              Any ETA on this? Update?? Anything at all???  And labeling your earlier answer as Correct Answer is a little misleading, since the issue still exists and no additional information/updates have been shared.

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                My Glowlight Plus has fallen as well. I was able to read borrowed library books, but when I tried to get one on 12/12, it failed. I've tried updating Nook and nothing works. Borrowing books from the library is why I bought it. This is why DRM is doesn't work. It prevents normal law abiding people from enjoying their content.

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                  As the OP, I marked the answer as correct so that people would not have to sort through a few dozen replies to find the most recent update among all of the "oh, me too!" replies that wouldn't help another customer dealing with the issue. The label doesn't say resolved, just correct.

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                    I have the Nook Galaxy Tab A, and I am also having this problem; it is not limited to only the GLP.  I'm having to use OverDrive to read library books.  I just traded in my Nook Colour for the Tab A, and for the difference in price and having to get a new cover, I could have just saved my money, kept the NC, and used the inept OverDrive feature -- or just borrowed DTB from the library.


                    I see that several people have queried about an update in the past week, to no avail.  It would be great to get an actual update since this problem is now spreading.

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                      I, also, cannot download library books.  Does anyone know when Overdrive or Nook will fix this?

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                        Seven days later.....nothing. Think B&N could come up with some kind of customer action or update?  Or has your token update failed?

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                          B&N IT has admitted their culpability and profess to be addressing a fix with no evident progress to solving the problem.  This revealed only after some deep digging because they are not sharing any information.

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                            I talked to B&N support two days ago on their 800 number, and I was told they hope to have a fix in one or two weeks.  Merry Christmas!   /end sarcasm

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                              Check out this forum link, the Dec. 15 post at the bottom.  B&N is indicating that "several" e-book readers were broken by Adobe's unannounced security token change.  Although I haven't heard of other readers being broken.  I suspect Kindle is not broken because they use a different format.  The bad news?  No fix until after Christmas.  Ridiculous, you'd think B&N and the "other" e-reader companies would be calling for Adobe's head since we are just prior to Christmas present giving.

                              Glowlight Plus Error Message "Loan Token Update Failed"

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                                Alex Garcia

                                Hi everyone,


                                I'm truly sorry for the delay, and understand your frustration with the matter. We're actively working with our partners, Overdrive and Adobe, to resolve this issue and as noted before, the NOOK team will publish a software update to address the change made by Overdrive.


                                Unfortunately, as some of you have noted with updates in our past, before releasing this OTA we need more time to thoroughly test the solution and ensure that it works as expected by our users. With that said I can confirm that we have this issue corrected, and at this time are looking at a possible deployment window of 1 - 2 weeks. Adding a little more insight into that - the team is negotiating the holiday period, as well as trying to align this update with other OTA's we have slated for this season.


                                As always, I'll make sure to keep you all as updated as possible and thank you all for you patience while we get this turned around.


                                - Alex

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                                  Alex Garcia wrote:


                                  Adding a little more insight into that - the team is negotiating the holiday period, as well as trying to align this update with other OTA's we have slated for this season.



                                  - Alex


                                  Ah, so "negotiating the holiday season" (read: taking care of customer acquisition) is priority over taking care of existing customers.  Got it.  Good to know.


                                  In the meantime, I've downloaded the Kindle app on to my Nook Tab A and I've been using it.  B&N is in danger of losing someone who has exclusively bought books (including textbooks - always new, never used or rented) and magazines from B&N since August 1998.

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                                    Alex Garcia

                                    I'm sorry, that's not at all what was meant by my statement. But, B&N does generally fall into holiday cycles shared by many American businesses and as such, navigating the holiday can be an issue.


                                    I'd like to stress, this issue seems to be isolated solely on library books and security verification from Overdrive. You're devices should all be functioning normally with other sideloaded content and downloaded NOOK content as well. Of course, we're working to restore this functionality for you all - and the above mentioned window is where we stand at this moment. As always, if you are having any issue with your devices/apps please feel free to mention or PM me; and I'll do my best to track down a fix.


                                    - Alex

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