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    Angry Birds Star Wars bait-and-switch

      I purchased Angry Birds Star Wars in March for my Nook Tablet, and it worked fine until I noticed that it was failing to update to the Cloud City levels.  I "live chatted" with Nook support, called 1-800-THE-BOOK, and visited my local B&N store to resolve this issue, and each time I was given some variation of (1) reboot my Nook, (2) archive/reinstall the App, (3) do a full Nook reset, or (4) delete/repurchase the app and ask for a refund.  Each solution failed to produce an updated version, and eventually the particular B&N representative I would be dealing with would punt the problem and tell me to "call the 1-800 number", "go to the store", or "try the web chat".


      Yesterday, while trying (once again) to archive/reinstall this App, I ended up with an error message telling me that my Nook Tablet cannot download the app due to compatibility issues, and it disappeared altogether from my device's app library as well as from my archived apps (it still shows up in my purchase history, though!). I visited my local B&N (again) only to be told now that AB Star Wars is no longer compatible and that I should "call the 1-800 number" (again) to figure out where to go from here.  As has always been the case, the service tech at 1-800-THE-BOOK was completely clueless and could not help me.


      After contacting Rovio directly, I received the following email this morning from "Joe":


      "Thanks for contacting us. Angry Birds Star Wars is no longer compatible with NOOK devices earlier than the NOOK HD.  NOOK Tablet and earlier devices have been found to lack the processing capabilities necessary to run newer versions of the game. Our sincere apologies."


      I feel completely scammed.  B&N (and Rovio) have pulled a complete bait-and-switch on us, selling an app to Nook Color and Nook Tablet owners with the promise that we'll receive "FREE UPDATES - this is only the beginning of the epic saga!" and then not only failing to do so but (at least in my case) deleting the app altogether from Nook devices. 


      I've been a loyal B&N customer for over 20 years now.  I hate to say it but a stupid $2.99 app issue will not only ensure that my next tablet will not be a Nook but that my purchases from now on will be from B&N's competitor that begins with an "A".  As to my friends to whom I recommended Nook devices, I feel like a complete fool now.


      It simply boggles my mind that a company would first charge a customer money for a product, fail to live up to that product, and then unilaterally steal that product back without a refund (seriously?) - heck, I'll bet Borders never thought to do that to its customers and we know what still happened to them. 



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          You are blaming the wrong company.


          If you had an older Android tablet and had bought it through Google Play, would you be blaming Google?

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            While I understand why some may think this is a Rovio issue, it IS ultimately B&N who failed to properly take care of their customers by insuring that something like this could not happen.  It is obviously one of many bugs in their software.  Why would you allow an update to an app to completely remove an older version from no longer supported devices?  That is just stupid.  


            I must say that I understand that B&N has the right to run their business the way they want.  I understand that my older NT isn't going to get any more updates.  Yet, I too have lost my belief in B&N as a company due to their inability to properly support a device ecosystem.  For example, my daughter's iPhone 4S and my old iPod touch still receive software updates.  B&N, however, finds it necessary to stop updating the buggy NT because they want you to buy the HD version.  Whatever.  I feel stupid for supporting them against Amazon and Apple.  I lowered my expectations and they couldn't even meet those.


            One thing I have learned, though, is that the OP has lost that $3.  Give it up.  B&N doesn't care.  All you can really do is move on and make sure to spread the word to your friends and family to not purchase from B&N.  


            As for B&N, for a company trying to stay relevent, they sure are not doing anything to help themselves.  I don't see them existing in 2 more years.

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              fkm71 wrote:

               Why would you allow an update to an app to completely remove an older version from no longer supported devices?  That is just stupid.  


              I have a Nook Tablet and am considering also purchasing a Nook HD. I would like to use the same account in order to have access to all my books on both devices.  If so, and I updated an app on the HD, would the update automatically apply to the Tablet?  After reading this thread,  I would hope I could update an app on the HD and just ignore the update on the Tablet and continue running the older version.  Is this possible?

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                I'm not positive, but I think app updates are local to the device.