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    Nook Color no longer recognized by PC

      I've been using the ADE (epub) to borrow books from the library until recently when my Nook and computer stopped talking to each other.  My computer doesn't recognize it so there is no icon to identify Nook to uninstall the driver and reinstall. I tried rebooting the Nook and the computer, and went so far as to reset my Nook, still no change.  The Nook does not go into USB mode.  At this point my Nook has a full charge, so I can't tell if it's charging through the computer, however the Nook lighted icon lights up when connected to the computer.


      Any suggestions?  Has anyone else had this problem?

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          Assuming you tried another port and that didnt work either. Did you by any chance connect a different nook to your pc at any point? Doing so has caused problems on the HD series (my computer still thinks my HD is a camera, go figure.) 


          This isnt an elegant solution, but does your library use Overdrive? Reading thru their app isnt as nice as the stock reader, but you dont have to futz with ADE, so its a lot less painful/frustrating in the long run.