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      • 285. Re: Loan Token Update Failed

        I have not been able to get a book downloaded from my local library since the end of November, 2016.  I've been in touch with Overdrive and have tried all fixes as recommended by them.  I have a Glowlight...NOT GL Plus.  I'm able to transfer the book to ADE and then to Nook but I get the "Loan token not found" error.  I've been reading library books on my Simple Touch Nook and then Glowlight for years.  I still have a Simple Touch and I tried that nook also got the same error message with library book.  I too have the most recent Glowlight software update on my Nook.  Help please..

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          I had this problem a year ago. The only way I could solve it was to uninstall ADE 4+ and install ADE 3.0. If you have ADE 4 or higher, you might try it. You can find the download of 3.0 with a Google search.  Good luck.


          BTW, in my experience, Nooks are notorious finicking with ADE.

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            You shouldn't need an update. Try uninstalling ADE 4+ and installing ADE 3.0.

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              You might want to try ADE 2.0.1.  You can find that and 3.0 here:

              Adobe Digital Editions downloads

              Don't forget to authorize with your Adobe ID before downloading any books.

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                Thanks for help.  I did uninstall the ADE 4.5 and installed the older version ADE 2.0.1 and this worked.  YEH!!

                I have been trying for days to solve this issue.  Also, completely unauthorized computer and Nook and redid authorization process.  Tried to erase all parts of ADE before I installed older version.

                I really am not sure exactly what started this entire mess but I've been able to read library books for at lease 6 years or more without any issue until Nov 2016. 

                But thanks to all who provided ideas...

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                  Thanks for help...older version finally worked...I was about ready to buy a


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                    This is getting so ridiculous!  1st the "This book has been returned error", then the "loan token error", then no wifi (have to switch between 2 different wifis because each time I sign on the previous one doesn't work), then the "this book has been returned error" AGAIN.  I tried the suggestion of copying over the books with WIFI turned on that didn't work.  So erased and deregistered to go back to the old way that worked and NOW I'm getting you have too many ADE activations!  I only have 1 laptop and 1 reader activated, but apparently, every time I reset the Nook, Adobe counted that as another device activation even though it is the same device.  So now I have to get in contact with Adobe and get them to reset my count.  It's Sunday, I doubt if Adobe will respond to any requests today, and who knows how long it will take them to reset my account.  I'm a big reader.  Read several books a week, guess I will have to read  on my computer instead of the Nook.  I know this latest problem is with Adobe, but it is soooooooo frustrating!  Grrrrrrrrr

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                      I had gotten a response from the B&N team.  It was suggestEd to download the previous version 3.0.  Did that and received a different error message. "Error! Check activation".   Sent another email to team for advise.


                      I've accepted the fact that can't use my Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch anymore.  Loved reading from them.  Hate to part from them.


                      The public library offers an app "Overdrive". One doesn't have to go through the Nook app or the Kindle app to get the library digital ebooks now.  You can download the library books from this app.  This it the way I'm going to get my library digital books now.


                      Downloading ebooks directly to my IPad and Samsung tablet Overdrive Apps.   No problem with the transfer of the ebooks and don't have to connect to my computer.

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                        I've gotten the "book has been returned" message before.  Somebody told me that when you return "one" book...some glitch makes ALL of the library books return.  I will say that I have indeed found this to be the case.  I've solved it by not "returning" any of the library books I have downloaded until I am done with all of them.    You might want to try this....



                        PS--I could not get the "patch" (or whatever we're calling it) to download on my Nook GLowlight ...but it apparently did indeed download...and library books are able to be taken out and downloaded to my device again.  Yay!!!

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                          I've never returned a book before.  Only way to be able to download a library book was to erase and unregister the Nook. And basically start from scratch.  Which is now why Adobe thinks I have too many devices activated..... Thanks for the advise though!  I dug out my old Nook which still works, but the Glowlight stopped working on it.  I was able to download my books the old way (Transfer to device - Nook).  I really think B&N should give us all refunds or new devices that actually work!  Only had mine since October....

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                            For what it is worth, I too was getting all of the error messages. I did a soft reset and it fixed the errors.

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                              Wasted 45 minutes this morning with Adobe support trying to get my Activated Devices limit reset or raised.  Guy didn't have a clue.....  So if you get the Too many activated devices error, just delete everything to do with ADE, create a new Adobe account with a different email and reinstall ADE.  Finally got it to work.  But the books I had already checked out couldn't be opened since they were downloaded with a different (old) ADE authorization account.  But checked a couple of old books that were available to test and it worked. 

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                                Just wanted to update everyone,

                                Barnes and Noble tech sup recommended to call Adobe.  The Adobe Digital Edition tech was able to reference their forum on a discussion of the "error. Check activation" message where I was able to re activate my Adobe account.  Thinking there might be an issue with the Overdrive app with the Adobe account, I had deleted the Overdrive app on my computer.  (when all these issues started with error messages, the library tech support suggested that I download the Overdrive app.  This might have been the main issue).  I am now able to transfer library ebook to my Nook devices on the current update. 

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                                  That's strange, because when I had a similar problem last year and contacted Adobe, the phone support person was able to re-set whatever needed re-setting, and my 'activated device' problem went away.  As I recall, he said to wait an hour or so in order for the re-set to take place, but it was only a matter of minutes in my case.  Maybe there are varying levels of expertise at Adobe's tech support line?

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                                    Hooray!! My Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight (not PLUS) seems to be

                                    working again.  I just checked out 6 different OverDrive books and was able

                                    to sideload all of them to my Simple Touch with Glowlight and open them

                                    successfully, exactly as I had done prior to the end of November.  Happy,

                                    happy!  Thank you!

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