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    removing items from library

      Just got my Nook HD a week ago and so far I love it, but one thing is bugging me though.  In the library under books it is still showing books that I just opened to check them out with the Nook reader and then I moved them off the Nook for later, but the covers still show in the library.  

       These are not books that I got from B&N and the only option I get when long pressing on the covers is "add to home or add to shelf"  is there any way possible to delete these covers that no longer point to a file?


      Thanks in advance for any help


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          This is a known bug that some users have gotten.


          There's a problem with the file protocol used in Android 4.0 (which is what HD and HD+ use). I'm assuming you're using those.


          Items sideloaded via SD Card are still shown after being deleted.


          What version of the software are you on? Make sure you're on the latest version.


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            I am using a Nook HD everything is up to date with software,  guess will have to live the problem, its not that big of a deal.

             I would like to use nova launcher in place of thr Nook launcher, but when using Nova Launcher there is no way to have things in the recent activity area, so no way to run more then one app, still working on a solution for that.


            Thanks for your reply,


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              I am a Nook HD+ Tablet owner and I'm having the same issue as mschafer. It was purchased brand new in Feb. 2014. Is there any way to resolve this issue? The book covers that I can't remove are adult romance and aren't appropriate for my 2 young children. So if anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.