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    brand new nook HD+ getting hot

      Hello All,


      I just purchased the brand new nook HD+ after I came to know that new May 2013 update has provided access to google play. I really want to like this kewl right size full android tablet having amazing display

      However only thing which is worrying me is the heat which I can feel near the speaker area. It is getting warm with little use only ( browsing, mail checking etc). It gets really hot if I watch video or play any light game.

      I also tried doing the hard reset as suggested here but in vain. Is it a well known issue or I got the bad piece ?

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          You might try posting this in the HD/HD+ forum rather than the NT forum. They can probably tell you over there if this is normal. If you're uncomfortable with it, take it back to the store and exchange it since it's still under warranty.
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            1) Exchange it.


            2) That's where the processor is located. ARe you left handed? Usually left handed people notice this more.

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              I got my HD+ in May, and after about a week when I noticed it was getting very warm when  I'd only used for about 15 minutes--just using internet,checking the bn shop. I checked out the blogs for this over heating. 

              Overheating is not good--Take it back for a replacement was the reccommendation. So I tok it back and exchanged it, the manager @BN was great, no questions--he did say that the overheating is not goood. 

              Well, a mknth later and I notice that my replacement is heating up too. Same activity by me--not using it for more than a half hour and its really warm. I am right handed, but I turn the nook hd+ around so who knows. I have gotten into the habit of turning off the wi-fi to let the Internet "cool down" and completely power off for a coupld of hours or over night.


              I think I will exchange hd+  #2 and hope for the best. BUt realistkcally ,how many times should I expect to exchange this device due to the overheating?Thank goodness I have my nook Tablet--but that little gadget gadget has its own issues too!


              Would appreciate any feedback abt overheating. Thx!