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    Best practices for calibre?

      I recently downloaded it to use to sideload from my tablet to my daughters HD. it does make it easier(though covers dont show up on her hd). but in reading other threads I feel as though i may be missing some of the benefits? Can any of you who really use calibre please share best practices?

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          Go back up to the HD forum, look for "tags" on the right. The first one is "calibre." compulsivereader has addressed a lot of the high points (how to add covers, create a catalog, add columns to mark which ones are read, or where you purchased from.


          Probably my biggest piece of advice is this. The first time you try to import metadata for your books, try it for only 10 books or so and see if it is worth it to you. Not sure who sets it, but sometimes they get a little carried away.First time I used it, for maybe 200 books, ended up with something like 500 or 600 tags. You can delete the useless ones in bulk which does help some. 


          It will probably take you a few tries to get it to just how you want it. Then its just a matter of keeping it updated.:smileyhappy: