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    New Downloads Cause Older Ones To Be Deleted

      This concerns non-B&N reading material downloaded directly to my tablet. A couple days ago I downloaded some epubs to my library files. I know I have to power off then back on for those to appear in my files. When I did so I discovered the new ones had been uploaded but the count on my files downloaded still remained the same. A search on my Shelves saw that at least one of them had been emptied ot, and when I checked the librsry content those files were no longer there. With the new uploads I should have had a total count of 633, but there was no change to the original count of 627. I did a couple more power offs and ons and each time I lost one more file. I don't know which files are gone unless I'll need them in the future. Checked my available space for non-B&N items and it indicates I still have 87% space available. What gives, and how can this be fixed? Thanks for any help with this.