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    Can't read any books on my Nook Tablet

       I just bought a few books the other day from B&N while I was on the computer and made sure they were on my NT library, but I didn't open them up. I got the chance to sit and read for a little bit today, but when I went to open one up on my NT all I got was a white page with a tiny black triangle at the bottom of the screen. I thought maybe it was just that book, so I opened another new one. Same problem occurred. So I tried one of my older books and again, the same issue. I tried powering down, archiving/un-archiving and doing the power button + n thing and nothing is working. I can read these books on my phone through the nook app and on the computer nook app and on the B&N website, but I just can't read them on my NT for some reason. Can anyone help me?