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      is there any plan for a new firmware update if not i suggest a final firmware update to unlock all features and allow for androis google play apps and more....


      it only seams logical

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          For the Nook Tablet?


          I think it's highly unlikely B&N will just unlock everything. It has a lot of book and magazine and apps revenue coming in from Tablet owners (at least I would presume that).

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            It'd be classy for B&N to release a method of unlocking the NT bootloader, but I wouldn't expect it. In any case, it's been worked around. The NT still basically works as you bought it, so they're not likely to open anything up.


            If you're really looking to extend your NT's functionality, I'd suggest loading Cyanogenmod on it, unless you're really tied down to the B&N ecosystem for some reason.


            Much to my surprise, I noticed tonight that the NOOK Android app seems to be handling at least some enhanced magazine formats (e.g. Wired Magazine as of March 2013 issue), so one of my last reasons to keep the B&N firmware has gone away.

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              cloxkwork mod cryogen to it eh... will give thought... thnkx
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                I hear they are unlocking it for the HD and HD+. http://gizmodo.com/nooks-just-turned-into-real-android-tablets-487710743


                They could care less about us. Makes me really not want to upgrade to a better Nook now knowing that my Nook Tablet only had a few updates that the Color also got and then was largely ignored by B&N when HD came out. I'm so beyond unhappy right now.