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    unlocking an ebook

      I purchased an ebook for my wife for Christmas from my account and sent to hers. It downloaded fine to hers(a nook  first edition) but now when I want to download it to mine(a  nook tablet) it just keeps asking me for the full name on the credit card used to purchase and the credit card number used. We have shared ebooks we bought from Barnes&Noble before. It asked for the name on the card used and the card number and then unlocked the book. Note, we only had to input this info for the first one we shared, none of the ones after that. As you can imagine I was surprised when it asked for the info again for this book. After an hour with customer service they said I needed to register my tablet on her account instead of mine. Any help or thoughts on how to proceed short of buying the book again? Thanks in advance.

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          Just unlock the book on the other Nook (not registered to your account) by entering your credit card information.  This isn't a charge for the book, it is just unlocking it by verifying the purchase information embedded in the file itself.

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              The ebook is not locked on the other Nook, it downloaded there fine. I sideloaded it to my Nook tablet and that's when it asked for the name and card number. The first ebook we shared it asked us for that information and we have shared multiple ebooks since then without having to re-enter that information without a problem. Now for this ebook it is asking again and will not accept the information when we put it in. It just goes back to credit card name and credit card number information input box.