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    reregistering with my own email address when Nook has old owner's email


      I bought a Nook reader at an estate sale. It is an  “Original nook with WiFi, Model BNRV100”.


      I had trouble resetting factory defaults, because I needed to unregister the Nook, and I couldn’t unregister the Nook with the previous owner’s email address in the device settings, because it tells me “Invalid Email Address: This email address is not associated with an existing BN.com account. Please re-enter your email address to continue.”


      I was in touch with the previous owner, who says that she has now disconnected/deauthorized/released this particular e-reader from her account.


      But I still can’t “Register your NOOK”; when I try to unregister the Nook, and it fails, as above, I can then erase the old email address and type in my email and password (that I use on barnesandnoble.com), and Submit, then I am told “This NOOK appears to be registered already.”


      I have done a “hard reset” by holding power for 20 seconds, and by removing the battery for 10 seconds, but neither procedure changed the stored information. I also got some other vague information via chat with barnesandnoble.com about doing a hard reset, which apparently involved holding the power down for 20 seconds, 6 times in a row, with repeats after a gap of 5 seconds. The nook gets through 3 before asking me to update; when I do so, it reboots, but then things are as they were, with the old owner’s email still appearing. So either “hard reset” doesn’t really do anything (why should it clear out the old email?), or I’m doing it wrong.


      So, who is the Nook registered to? Was the previous account in fact disconnected? And how do I reregister it with my own account credentials?


      Thanks for your guidance.