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    Adjusting text size in enhanced book

      I bought a copy of Super Freakonomics that comes in an enhanced format. That is where you can tap on the screen or pinch to expand and reduce the size of the image. Really cool except for one thing. When I load the book, the text is set in  what is probably the smallest available size. Old guy - eyes are going - eyestrain.


      I tried tapping the middle of the screen like I do with a normal book and got the usual bar at the bottom that allows me to adjust things like the brightness, but the button for adjusting the text size is missing. So my question is how do I adjust the text size on the standard Nook. I have a tablet, incidentally.


      I have been able to get around the problem because I have an AFN card and the Nook App doesn't have this problem. I can adjust the text just like I usually do.


      So anyway - how do I adjust the text size in an enhanced book using the standard Nook environment?

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          I hypothesize that you don't.


          That "enhanced" ebook may consist of nothing but page images with no flowable text. You may have to zoom and scroll to read "larger" text.



          Granted, that doesn't explain why using a stand-alone reading application under a different OS would work. I don't see any options on my HD+ to permit, say, "override publisher font settings".