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    Serious Nook Tablet browser problem..

      For the past few days, whenever I open the browser, it seems to load my home screen several times even tho only 1 window ever actually comes up.  On top of that, when I try to go to my bookmarks I get an error msg basically stating the browser isnt responding and it must force close.





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          If the window only comes up once how do you know it loads your home screen multiple times.


          Click on Menu on the top right. Then on More Options. Then on Settings.


          The click on set home page and change it to some very simple page like www.google.com.


          Then let us know if that fixes the issue.

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              I said it looks like it loads it several times because after its done loading (green bar runs all the way across the top of the screen), it starts over again.. with the msg saying "loading page" coming up again. It's never done that before, and I've had it a year now.  My home screen is google.  it has been for all this time. 


              But I think the even MORE serious problem is the fact that it crashes when I go to my bookmarks.