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    nook not working

      I recently purchased a nook tablet and charged it overnight. this morning i was playing a game on it when it suddenly turned off. i've tried charging it but while the light is orange the screen keeps flashing on/off. after many hours of 'charging' it still won't turn on. what do i do?

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          A few things to try.


          1) Firstly, since you said 'recently' my advice would be to go to a store and get a replacement.


          2) Secondly, you can try the following:


          Power Off: Press and Hold power button for 20 seconds.

          Power ON: Press and Hold power button for 4 seconds.


          3) Thirdly, you can try (please search on forum threads for exact steps here)


          Press and hold power button and N button for 20 seconds.


          Note: I'm not sure what kind of reset this does. It might do a factory reset. Which means you'd lose data. So please search and check first.


          4) Let the Nook charge for a few hours. Ignore the screen flashing OR turn off Nook and then charge.


          You could also wait to see what other people suggest. Lots of smart people on this forum. I see it's only been 20 minutes since you asked your question. If you want 3-4 hours you'll get some very solid advice on what the fix might be.