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    NT doing things by itself

      I've had my Nook Tablet since shortly before last Christmas and this is the first real problem I've had with it.  It has started doing things all by itself, opening books, opening the browser and then the search and typing things and following links or opening the shop.  While doing this I can't get it to do anything, I can't go "home" and stay there if I'm lucky enough to be allowed to hit that button.  I've cleaned the screen.  I've rebooted it.  I've pwr+n for 20-60 sec and it starts doing it again.  This just started yesterday, but today I've lost total control.  It's off currently, charging from the wall. 

      Any suggestions?  I've seen this problem discussed on the forums with the old Colors, and they all end up getting replacements.  Bought mine at Best Buy after comparing to the Kindle in person.  Have been satified with my choice ever since.  Hope this doesn't kill my love/addiction.