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    Nook Tablet & Calibre

      Does anybody know if Calibre can now format a book library in such a way that when it is imported to the Nook Tablet the books will already be on shelves?



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          To my knowledge shelves are not physical storage arrangements; they are entries in a database which is read when the shelves are displayed. It probably requires root access to find the database (Android OS is designed such that files are private to an "app"unless the "app" goes out of its way to make them public, the shelves database would be private to the Library app while books, etc. are public to library, reader, home, etc.). Only one copy of any media exists on the device and shelves just point to that copy.
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            I've tried to do things like that, and you can't.  I don't use the "Library" because of the way it's structured.  (I also don't buy much from B&N, and purchased my NT for use with readings for school, which have to be sideloaded - and plan to have the memory repartitioned because I don't use B&N very much.)



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              Mine works fine with Calibre
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                  Raven2099 wrote:
                  Mine works fine with Calibre

                  What I was trying to ask (I think), was whether or not anybody had any ideas for creating/setting up a meta-tag or some other type of column entry (in Calibre) that would allow for Nook to automatically sort the books into shelves based upon that attribute/tag. Or if that were even possible....


                  I expect absolutely no problems with sideloading my books from Calibre to my new Nook Tablet (as I never had a problem with my first gen Nook wifi), I was just hoping that somebody had figured out a way to do the sorting in Calibre and have it show up in the Nook...  :smileyvery-happy:

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                      nook will sort bt Author title thats about it...
                      but i know it works with Calibre

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                          "Nook to automatically sort the books into shelves based upon that attribute/tag. Or if that were even possible...."

                          Possible if Nook would have wrote the OS software to do that. But they didn't so the answer is No!

                          No matter how you slice it or whatever you do. You will not get auto stacking by Genre,Series,,etc to shelves.

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                              I know that the Nook 1st Edition (wifi) didn't support it, but had been hoping that B&N had opened up their specs/software enough to allow for it since then (as being able to import books directly to a specific shelf when sideloading would have been a fantastic feature).


                              Just means that I have to manually create my shelves/categories and then sort them. :smileyvery-happy:

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                                  It may not just be B&N... According to the little I've read, the Android operating is designed so that, by default, files used by an application are private to that application -- special tricks need to be performed to make a file sharable.


                                  On the Nook, sharable content are the books and side-loaded content.


                                  "Shelves", however, are virtual -- they aren't real directories into which content is stored. They are a private database of the "Library Application"... In simple form (the real database is likely using SQLite3 relational database) think of a list in the form:













                                  (yes, unless the later models made major changes, titles can be on multiple shelves at one time)