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    Nook freezing, odd application feeding into nook



      My Nook Tablet recently began to freeze mysteriously. I reset it, booted it back up, and all appeared to be running normally. That is, until an icon appeared in the update corner, where the email logo usually pops up for notifications. The icon was a small blue square with the letters "AF" inside the square, white in color.  I have never seen this pop up on my nook before that. I was wondering if anyone knew what the icon corresponds to, and if it is supposed to be on the Nook or if it is malware possibly causing the freezes. 


      The freezing happens randomly, by the way. Sometimes I will be reading a book and the device will unexplicably freeze although it has full charge. Sometimes I will be surfing the web or in the middle of searching for a new book to purchase, and the Nook will become completely unresponsive even though, again, it has full power. Any insight into my predicament is appreciated. Thank you.

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          Does the logo look like this:


          If so, go to their "project" section and see if you have purchased any of their apps.  Do you get any kind of message with it?  {I have seen this periodically with another app; I usually get more of a message --- "update this", "try this..." etc. In my case, I can actually see that the message is coming from Amazon.  And no, it's not rooted.|   The stock apps AF designed for B&N shouldn't be causing this though.


          As far as freezing up goes, go into whatever webbrowser(s) you use, clear your history, clear your cache.  Then do the soft reset (hold the power off button for 20 seconds or so, ignore the "do you want to power off" screen.)  And make sure you have the most recent update for the NT installed.  That's all I can think of.


          Hope this helps.  Happy Thanksgiving!