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    Email help for NOOK tablet

      I cannot get my email program to work on my NOOK Tablet. Everytime I try I get the message that it can't connect to the server. I have talked to NOOK tech support....they say that my server is blocking the connnection. I have talked to my service provider, Windstream, and they tell me they NEVER block connnections and that it's not the server that is the problem. Soooo... what IS the problem??? This is really making me angry now.

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          MoonSong, on another thread a user had a suggestion that might help.


          First, set up a dummy account and log in using that.


          Then add your Windstream account.



          Another option, perhaps better, is to ask your Windstream people for the exact server settings. And then do a manual setup.

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              I have another email account on Gmail, but it's not the one people know and use....it's just one I've had for a few years. After I couldn't get my Windstream account to work, I tried the Gmail just to see what happened and it works fine. So it's as though my NOOK can't communicate with Windstream somehow. I have talked to Windstream tech support, manually set up the email account with their settings and still nothing. Very frustrating, and I certainly don't want to change all my email accounts and addresses to Gmail just because of the NOOK. Appreciate your advice. Will try anything to get this to work.