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    Nook Video

      Can I get Nook Video on My Nook Tablet bought last year?


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          That would be the million dollar question. One that I have been asking about with no success I might add, for the past month and a half.


          Does anybody have any info on this?.......Hello.........


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              Joe05, I have no idea however I can offer a few thoughts


              1) B&N will make money when Tablet and Color owners buy Nook Video movies and TV. So they have every incentive in the world to make it available.


              2) If B&N expands to Tablet and Color they will have a larger customer base. That means more sales and more leverage with movie and TV show producers. Another reason to expand.


              I'd be very, very surprised if Nook Video wasn't expanded to Tablet and Color by sometime in 2013.


              My guess would be - early 2013 for Tablet and mid 2013 for Color.

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              The original press release for the video store set early January as the target date for the release of a video store app. No actual release date has been confirmed but the stated intention was for a BN app to be available on most devices, just like the reading app. I see no reason why they wouldn't make a version compatable with both the NC and NT.

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                According to the the nook person at my store. Nook video will be coming to the tablet and color. Hope she is correct.
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                  I was in the B&N in Manassas, Virginia yesterday. I went in to buy an extra cable for my tablet. I looked at the new HD and HD+.  They are pretty impressive. The guy at the Nook counter greeted me and asked if I was going to buy one today. I said no because my Tablet is not even a year old yet. I mentioned that I hope Nook Video comes to the Tablet.  He said it won't because the Tablet doesn't have the necessary hardware. I should buy a new one. When I repeated that I would not be buying a new Nook today, his attitude immediately got very cold. He said I would just have to be happy with Netflix. And the cables were out of stock. That was the first time I ever left a B&N more aggravated than when I went in.

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                      That sales guy sounds like an idiot.


                      I think it's more likely that Color and Tablet will get nook video than not. If Netflix etc. can work then why not.


                      Also, Tablet and Color have all the necessary hardware.

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                        That worries me, because B&N has disabled so much of the hardware that is physically present in the NT, and their history has been to disable more and more (in an effort to force people to spend more through them).  The NT used to allow sideloading, but that got taken away... then another "upgrade" disabled many (most) of the apps that people had loaded - even though they aren't available through B&N.  I'm concerned that they will come out with another repressive and destructive upgrade - maybe something that limits sideloading documents from non-B&N sources? (That is the MAIN reason I bought my NT - for reading articles for class.)  Based on history, it's possible, and B&N HAS already limited the NT in severe ways.


                        For instance, the WiFi chip in the NT also has Bluetooth, GPS, and FM (reception AND transmission).  The reason all of this is present is because it's the chip used in the Android phones... thus cheap.  All but the WiFi appear to be locked out in the firmware... VERY stupid on the part of B&N but greedy people (executives) do stupid things to try to increase their profits.  Yep, it's probable (maybe almost certain) that you could have Bluetooth and GPS with your NT if they had thought about customers instead of just profits.  Not only that, but even being able to connect USB peripherals through an adapter?  That too should be possible but appears to be another B&N lockout.


                        There is also supposed to be a magnetic compass sensor in the NT, but I'm not so sure about that.


                        The hardware - I'm not familiar with "Nook Video" but if you can run, for instance, Netflix you should be able to run just about any video app made.


                        They made a very impressive piece of equipment then crippled it... if they don't come out with Nook Video for the NT, you might have to go with something like rooting it or adding an AFN card and if they make the app for Android phones, it should run in the NT no problem.



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                        Even though we don't have any firm answers yet, it would be ridiculous for them not to make the new video feature available for those who purchased their newest (at the time) device less than a year ago. I love my Nook Tablet. I have absolutely no complaints. However, if it is made clear that I have to buy an entirely product every year or less, in order to use the newest features, I won't be putting myself in that position again in the future.


                        Hopefully it doesn't turn out that buying a competeing device and loading the nook app to access Nook content, is a better option than buying a Nook itself.

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                            My thought on this is that they will add the Video Store to Color and Tablet.


                            1) Why would they not want to make money?


                            2) If they have more users buying movies, then they will have more Movie Studios giving them movies.


                            Also, as a developer, I don't see ANY technical restrictions. If they are short of people and can't get to it until 2013, that's one thing. However, technically, it's 100% possible to support a Video Store on Color and Tablet.


                            We don't know for sure until B&N announce it. However, I would give zero credence to anyone who claims it's not going to happen. I don't know of any company that turns down an opportunity to make money that's relatively straightforward. Not to mention alienates its most loyal customers.

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                            Of course, you can read yor video on nook tab