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    Netflix app for nook tablet?

      Why is the netflix app no longer supported on the nook tablet? 



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          I don't know how you came to that conclusion, but I'll say what led me to wonder:  NetFlix is still on my rooted Nook Tablet, but it no longer shows up in my Google Play list of apps to update;  only HuluPlus does now.

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            Watched two Netflix movies one night, next night blank gray screen. Push back button and a Netflix logout dialog appears--the only way to unlock. Nook calls and online help were clueless. ON/OFF, ARCHIVE/UNARCHIVE does not cut it--thanks for tying me up without results.


            Remember, you aren't supposed to have more than one Netflix session running coincidentally.Here's how to fix it. Deregister; not the brightest idea in the world to fix a problem but once Netflix is preloaded it can't be unloaded or erased.


            Click the Netflix app, it still goes blank. Click the Back button next to the Read button and Sign Out of Netflix. On your way out it pops up to Member login--login and continue--it will show movies now and is using the new interface. Previously I watched the first movie on my free trial without logging in. Beats me why it ran months before dying.


            Really hope this helps everyone.

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