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    Video Won't Play on Nook Tablet

      I downloaded a short video onto my laptop and it is in the MP4 format.  I transferred the video onto my Nook and each time I try to watch the video, I get the error message, "sorry, this video cannot be played".  Any ideas on WHY this won't play.  I have a few other videos on my Nook that work just fine.  How frusterating!



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          I would download a free converter and try re-converting the file into mp4 format. Sometimes a file may appear to be a certain format, but really isn't. Give that a shot first and let me know if that works. 

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              I've downloaded the video from a third party source and it says it's already in the MP4 format.  Can I still try to re-convert the video?  I've never converted files before, so I'm kinda lost.



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                  Nook supports .mp4. So it should play. Chances are there is some problem with the file.


                  I can think of 3 things


                  1) Problem in the download. In which case you will have to redownload.


                  2) [Most Likely] Problem in file format and it isn't .mp4. The suggestion above is what you should do. Download a free video conversion software and convert from .mp4 to another format that Nook supports and then try to play.


                  3) Something wrong in the file itself. Does the file play fine on your PC  or Mac?



                  These are the video formats Nook supports:


                  Video Formats .3GP, .MP4, .3G2, .FLV
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                I'm having this problem with Flixster/ultravilot. I got The Dark Knight Rises for Christmas and it came with UV copy. I logged in to Flixster and got my copy. Today I decide to play around with the flixster app on my Nook Tabletand it says I can download a copy of the film. I have a 32g microsd card so I download it. I see the filedownloading but when I find it on the SD card (no easy task since in its own right as the file is buried and is just a number sequence, but thats another thread) it says that file cannot be played. Why is that? It is a .mp4 format direct from my UV account.