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    need help adding books to my nook tablet

      I just got a nook tablet and I tried moving books from my old nook to the tablet. Where are all the books supposed to go (under what file)? Also if you dl books from the library and use adobe digital on a computer, where do you put that book on the tablet. I noticed some of my books are not showing up. What actually is the sd card used for also,  to store my books etc?

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          You should be saving any sideloaded books in the folder called "my files" in the subfolder called "books". This holds true if loading from adobe digital editions or calibre. As far as what to use the sd card for, you can store your own sideloaded books, movies, pictures. or music. It just gives you alot more space to hold alot more info. For example I have a 32gb card and it holds 500 epubs, 90 pics, 320 songs and 4 full length films. Hope this helps:smileyhappy:
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            If you've registered your new nook and turn on wifi, it should automatically begin to populate your books. They may appear on the new nook with a "download" bar. If that's the case, simply click and they'll download. I found that some of my books downloaded on their own and others I needed to tap.


            When I drag/drop my library books from ADE to my nook, it automatically puts them in Library / My Stuff / My Files / Digital Editions. I usually go find it and long tap to select Add to Home so I don't have to hunt for it later on.


            You can save pretty much anything you choose on your SD card. I have a few movies and documents.