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    Fifa 12 issue

      So I just bought Fifa 12 and went to go start it up and had the weirdest insufficient memory prompt pop up.


      It says, "1658 MB is required for your game. Insert or clear space on your SD memory card to begin download."


      See, I knew I could put things like books, music, videos, and pictures onto my SD card, but didn't know I could do that with my apps.


      Soooo.......how can I fix this? I mean I paid $5 for this game so I would kind of like to be able to play it. :smileytongue:

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          Firstly, my impression was that you couldn't put apps on your SD Card.


          So only things I can think of is -


          1) Either it downloads extra files and saves them on your SD Card. And it needs that space.




          2) It downloads extra files and saves them on your Nook. But it is used to Android and gives SD Card message.



          Perhaps it's using the standard Android message which doesn't match on Nook.


          Try the following:


          1) Archive some apps that you aren't using so there's 1.6 GB of free space on your Nook.


          2) Clear up 1.6 GB of space on your SD card. If you don't have an SD Card then skip this.


          3) restart your Nook.


          4) Now try the install.


          Note: If it doesn't work then you could buy a SD Card and try. You can get a 4 GB one for under $10.

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              Downlaoded it last night. Took a loooooonnngg time, but it was successful.


              Plays really well.   I had read the problems others had and took a gamble. I did have an SD card in there, but did not do anything special