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    Nook Tablet Charger

      The cord that connects to the charger part is always falling out. I think I am charging my Nook, and one little upset and it is unplugged. Are they all this fragile, or do I just have a bad one?


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          Chances are that you have a defective charger.  If you live near a B&N store I suggest you take it there. Some posters have been able to get it traded by a new one.


          Good luck!

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            My charger has died as well.  One day, the end that goes in to the Nook looked a little bent. 
            I left it alone, because it was still charging. 
            Then one day, I tried to remove the charging cord and the entire silver bit stayed in the Nook!!

            I found out that the charger/cord is covered under the warranty, but have not been able to get through to B&N to ask for a replacement.  I spent quite a bit of time on the phone last week, trying repeately to get through on their 800 number. Good luck with that - it would cycle me through, put me on hold, tell me how important my call was, then tell me that they had a high call volume and to call back another time, disconnecting me!

            Not sure how I will get ahold of anyone to get the cord problem rectified with this kind of customer service on the phones... there are no B&N stores in our area, and I've had to make all purchases online, so can't just walk into a store for help.

            (And I tried a filtered USB-to-mini Bcharger, but it doesn't work. While the mini fits, it doesn't charge the Nook. B&N has something all locked up with this charger, and it is uber annoying....)