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    Is it possible to fully clear the Keep Reading list on the Nook Tablet?

      Hello, everyone! I recently gave my father a Nook Tablet as an early Father's Day gift. I have a Nook Color. I've noticed differences between them -- not just the hardware, but the customized B&N OS running on Android.


      On his Home screen, the Keep Reading drop-down menu includes several movie recommendations. When I go to Settings > Home > Clear Keep Reading List and select Yes, it clears the books from the list, but not these movie recommendations.


      I assume these recommendations are related to the B2B relationship that B&N and Netflix established when they preloaded the app on the device. My father tried Netflix in the past, and didn't care for it, so he will never use that functionality on his Nook Tablet.


      My questions:


      1. Is there a way to clear these film recommendations from the Keep Reading list, and to keep them clear so he doesn't see them again? (I am looking for a solution within the standard B&N-issued OS, please. My father is over 70, and I am not interested in hacking his device.)
      2. Is there a way to uninstall the Netflix app?


      Many thanks for any help you can provide!