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    'Shop' shortcomings...

      I sure wish BN would spend some time researching their competition. I received several BN gift cards over the holidays, and promptly added them to my account. Then, I found out that, unlike AZ, you don't have any choice over whether to use them or not, and, since I cut up the cards after I added them, I can't even tell how much is still in my account. Then I bought an app today, and thought the email confirmation would at least tell me whether it went on a gift card or credit card. WRONG... If they ever intend to try to compete in the online marketplace, they at least need to get their online store into the 20th century. (I wouldn't even hope for the 21st at this point..)
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          If you buy  books or apps or a single issue magazine etc, the gift card is used .Magazine subscriptions go on the Credit Card. 

          To check your balance sign in to your account and then go to Gift Cards/Certificates and click on Manage Gift Cards. You can see your balance there. I have 2 gift cards on my account and I can see both balances. When the first card is used up, then the second card will be used. If you don't have enough credit for a purchase on the 1st card, then the second will be used. So if you have a balance of $2 99 and your purchase is $3.01  then you can't use that gift card. Your second one will be used or your credit card.


           Remember ... to check balance click on MANAGE GIFT CARDS not Check balance.