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    Pop up window aggrating

      The pop up Find on page, Page info, etc pops up at least once a minute Can only close by clicking on one of the 4 choices plus then another click. I found one message on this problem that mentions clicking on small icon on bottom left next to wifi icon--no such on my screen. Then my screen automatically went to another page (without my touching screen). Then I could not find that post again! PLEASE HELP ME GET RID OF THIS ANNOYING POP UP. I even purchased a stylus to use on screen thinking this might help.
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          If you are positive that you are not touching the screen and this pop-up activates I would suggest that the Nook go back for a replacement.  I have been trying to find the Pop-Up on my Nook Tablet 16 and not found the one you are referencing.  Let us know what model of Nook you are working with and if you are reading a book when this happens or simply on the home screen.  Give us as much information as you can; some one will likely have a solution.