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    Email downloads, then disappears. Not left on org. email server either

      I have spent three days with NOOK Chat, my email service provider and still have no answers to why this is happening. Scenerio:  Set up Nook's Email for personal use. Noted that "leave on server" was checked. Then tried it. I watched as 11 emails downloaded. Fast refresh of screen and only 5 remained. No problem, think I, I have them left on the server.  So, I go online to email server and ONLY the 5 were there. The six others were gone.  Happened two days in a row.  Just off phone with 3rd NOOK Chat. We went through a reset of Email and I sent myself emails from work and my spouses email account. Mine downloaded fine, yet I saw my husband's download. Fast refresh and theirs was gone. Went to email server and it was gone, but mine (which did stay after downloading) was there. Chat could not help. Told me to call a number that hung up after I touched all the correct numbers! Anyone out there have a clue what is going on?   Thanks!