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    Quicker Charge from USB or O/S Error/Bug?

      I have a NT running 1.4.1. (It hasn't updated itself though it has internet access). It is less than a week old, a new replacement. Before I connected it to the Windows 7 PC, it showed 75% battery charge. It was connected only long enough to transfer a single small PDF to MyFiles less than fiive minutes. I dismounted the hardware properly in the software before unplugging the NT from my PC. After I did that, I looked at the battery indicator and it showed 100% charged. Thinking it was a glitch of some sort, I powered the NT off and restarted it. The battery indicator still showed 100%. I have left it powered on and it seems to be discharging normally, but from the 100% rather than the 75% or so I expected.


      Does anyone have an explantaion or a similar experiencce?

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          That's definitely not a quick charge - your NOOK actually pulls less power from a USB port than the wall.


          Give it a day or two, and if it doesn't recalibrate it bring it into a BN store to have them do a factory fallback (or you can do it yourself if you're feeling adventurous).

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            My Nook continued to operate as what appeared to be normal, i.e. it didn't show diminished battery life-before-recharge. I did take it in to BN as the battery app would report 100% charged, but the cable indicator remained orange, not switching to green to indicate a full charge. The in-store tech acknowledged the discrepancy. He said the battery app software is what tells the cable to change colors. He said he could not fix it. He didn't offer me a replacement.


            I'm minimally frustrated because there *is* something wrong with my Nook, but it does not seem to affect my ability to use it. -shrugs- There should be a better outcome or fewer anomalies with the product.

            • Charging routine software malfunction
              My NT has been running 1.42 upgrade with no problems since available for download. A few days ago, the charging routine and indicators stared displaying abnormal results. When the NT's USB cable is initially connected the lighted "N" on the cable end momentarily is green and then changes to yellow which is normal. The QUICK SETTINGS battery charge indicator goes from "Discharging" (seen under the horizontal bar graph of percent of charge) to "Not Charging". I left the USB cable connected over a period of time for the charge to indicate 100%. "CHARGING" is never displayed under the bar graph. The LED in the cable end does not change to green. I can use the NT for a duration that would lead me to believe that the battery had been fully charged. I' ve powered down completely and powered back up. The same problem occurs. I've held the N-button down and then held down the power button down until it went off. I power the NT back on; the same indications are displayed. Is there a solution to this power charging problem??