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    Puffin Browser no longer working



      I'm new to the Nook tablet and this community.  After having too many stock browser freezing issues with my Nook, I bought the blue Puffin web browser for $2.99.  I had been using it for three days, and now I'm getting an error message, and the browser won't work.  When I launch the browser, the blue puffin screen comes up, then I get a box that says "Sorry! The application Puffin (process com.cloudmosa.puffin) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."  There is a buttom that says "Force Close". When I touch it, another box disappears and that's it.  I tried to do a soft re-boot, but that didn't do anything. 


      I really like Puffin better than the stock browser.  Has anyone else had these issues?  Any suggestions as to what I should do?



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          I can think of two things to try: 


          - shut down and start your tablet up (not just blank screen you get with a momentary power press;  hold the button in for ~20 seocnds.  A dialog will come up asking you want to power down;  you do, so ignore it and keep holding the button in.  Once it' shut down, press and hold power again for ~3 seconds or ntil you can see the sceeen "pulse" as it powers on.


          If that doesn't work, try archving and unarchiving Puffin - long press on the Puffin archive and I think a menu will pop up offering to archive the program.  There may be a more obvious way of getitng the command?


          You then unarvhive it by going to the archived apps section of the diisplay and press it once, and the OS unarchives it.  When you unarchive, you get as close to a clean reinstall as BN supports.