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    Reader Feature Request

      Good Morning Nook Developers,


      I just purchased a Nook Tablet and side-loaded a PDF book for School.


      Everything is working very well. :-)


      I do have one request for the next version of the Nook Tablet reader app: page down feature.


      Page down on right side tap, when the full page is not displayed (could be used in both portrait and Landscape modes).




      The text size in the PDF book from School is small (almost unreadable in portrait mode and torlerable in landscape mode).


      While in landscape mode there is no easy way to page down (I currently scroll down by touching the screen and using a swip up motion, which is cumbersome--but better than nothing).


      This next page feature could be similar to Adobe reader's spacebar feature, i.e. pressing the spacebar pages down when the whole page is not visible on the screen.


      Thank you for your time and the great Nook Tablet. :-)




      Your Guardian_