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    Nook Tablet display

      I was sitting tonight playing Angry Birds killing some time, and at some point whil laying I noticed that the left (top) side of the screen looked strange. I backed out of the app, and on the home screen, the top half of it looks like it iis very low resolution.It is very pixelated, and has some odd colors (netflix icon is almost black instead of red). I can see this in apps, but books loo fine.


      I loaded Ruhlman's Twenty, and the in book images were fine, the text is crisp and clear, and everything is normal. If I put the nook to sleep with the book open, the enter password background looks fine.


      The Netflix menus have the same discoloration, but once I start a movie it clears up.


      I've tried powering the nook comletely off and restarting, but the same issue remains.


      Since it works in some modes, but not others, I am assuming that it's probably not a hardware issue. Anyone have any ideas to try short of trying to restore factory settings?


      EDIT-Just tried deregistering and restoring default settings, and no good. Still have the same issue.

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          UPDATE- Tried discharging the battery and recharging after leaving it off for a few hours...nothing


          Books and Netflix seem to be affected now too.


          Spoke to a manager at the store, and will most likely be taking iit back to for an exchange later today.

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            Seems like that would be the next logical thing to do... take it back to them.  Good luck.

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              Just got back from returning it. I got a refurb, but it looks to be in good condition. I'll just have to watch how this one does over the next few days to make sure the battery is still strong and all that. They really cheaped out on the new boxes though....yeesh!


              I was surprised how easy it was, even without the receipt. They had to verify the nook and all that, but the problem was clearly with the device, so they replaced it no questions asked. Very friendly staff, and very helpful. I don't know where all th horror stories of bad customer service come from.

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                Great!  It's good to hear a positive response.  Glad it went well for you.

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                  "where all th horror stories of bad customer service come from."


                  Mostly from folks trying to explain problems via the 1-800 number to operators at a call center who don't know the product and cannot see the problems for themselves.


                  If the BN call center is like most, BN contracts with an outfit that takes calls for a range of products and distributes a troubleshooting script to the call center to pass on to its employees.  Apparently there are times of day when you can reach a North American call center that folks typically find more helpful, but while outsourcing call centers is cheap, it leads to very variable customer support.