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    Afraid you'll lose your nook? no problem

      So theres a new app i just found called "Locate My Nuck" that was made exclusively for the nook that can locate your nook if it gets lost or stolen using wifi triangulation. Though i havent tried it myself, it seems pretty cool and wanted give folks a heads up in case they have children who may lose their nooks or have a bad memory like me :smileytongue:.
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          What a great idea. Thx for sharing.


          Came back to say that you will need to upgrade your computer if necessary to:

          Google Chrome

          Mozilla Foxfire

          Microsoft Internet Exp 9

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            Unless they've done something really clever, apps like this are going to be limited to determining what wireless access point (AP) your device last connected to. If you happen to be connected to an AP when you lose the device, it will at least narrow it down to the coverage area of the AP, but that can still be your entire house and yard. If your device was asleep before you moved it, or you didn't connect to wireless at your last location, unlike most Android and Apple phones, there's no way to wake it up remotely, nor GPS to narrow it down to an area with a few meters resolution.


            There's nothing wrong with what it can provide, but it won't be the same as similar device-location packages on smartphones. Buyer beware!