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    NT won't talk to computer

      A few days after the automatic update, I connected my NT to my computer to load up some library books. The computer did not not even acknowledge the connection. I have tried connecting to 3 different computers, using two different cords and, at the advice of B&N tech support, a factory reboot. I am taking into a B&N store today (the first chance I've had all month) to see if there is anything they can do. My question, is anyone else having this problem?
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          Make sure your NT is turned on before connecting it to the computer. My computer recognized my NST, but not my NC. (Haven't tried library books on my NT.) Tried two cables, different USB ports on my computer. No go. I got a cheap ($4.95) USB hub with 3 ports, connected my NC to it, then connected it to  my computer, and lo and behold, my computer recognized my NC! Got the NC registered as a device in ADE that way.  Most of the time my computer now recognizes my NC connected straight to it, but occasionally it doesn't, so I just connect it to my computer at those times, using the USB hub. This makes no sense to me, but works for me.

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            I've had that happen since the update, too - never before then. I do often have luck making sure the NT is turned on before plugging in, but sometimes it takes 3 or 4 tries. I would have never thought of trying it through a hub. I did start using Dropbox to transfer books, which avoided that problem, but that wouldn't help with library books. That sounds like a software bug to me. I bet the NT either isn't detecting the hookup or does but doesn't release the disk for a usb connection.
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              I took it to a B&N store and when it failed to work with their cord and computer, they replaced it. While the problem was irrating, I was pleased with the support personnel and the replacement.
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                Although this original post has been marked "Solved", I think it's worthwhile to add this point: a computer won't access Nook Tablet files unless the NT is both turned on AND awake.  In other words, if you USB-connect a "sleeping" Nook Tablet to a computer, the computer will recognize that you've plugged in a device, but it won't let you access the NT's files until you tap the "N" button and then login to the Nook to wake it up.