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    Nook Tablet Netflix Question

      Hi!  I recently purchased a Nook Tablet and absolutely LOVE it!  I only wish B&N Nook books were more reasonably priced (many of the nook books I want are cheaper on Amazon and on iTunes...very frustrating).  Anyway, I was just wondering, on my Nook Tablet, Netflix movies frequently "stutter/stall"...they pause briefly and then continue (no I do not mean buffering)...nearly like a little skip in the video...I find this a little distracting.  I have Netflix on my laptop and on my iPad and Netflix movies do not "stutter/stall" on either my laptop or my iPad.  Just wondering if this is typical behavior for Netflix on the Nook tablet or if there is some setting (and yes I have looked and haven't found any) I need to fix.  With 1 Gb of actual memory on my Nook tablet (more than on my ipad and no issues watching movies on my ipad), I'm really surprised that I'm having any issues at all with my Netflix video viewing.

      Thank You.

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          This is not typical for a Nook Tablet.  I do not have any issues playing NetFlix movies.  You might try two actions before taking it back to B&N.  First; archive the Netflix App then reboot the Nook (hold the power button until the message appears asking if you want to turn it off) Second; start the Nook go to "My Stuff" "Archived" and un-archive the NetFlix App.  If this does not clean it up I suggest taking it back for a replacement.