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    Clear Default Launcher?

      My mother's nook tablet (16 gig) has just started giving her the option to 'open, clear default launcher, or delete' digital download eBooks instead of the usual option to open, move to shelve, move to home, etc.


      It will not let her move the eBook to a shelve or to the home screen as it has in the past.


      My mother is 73 and has not rooted the tablet.


      Any suggestions?  I have unregistered and restored the device twice now.  It seems to work okay for a few days and then right back to this problem.

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          Okay -- here is how I 'fixed' it -- hopefully.  It seems that my mother had an email that contained a .wma file attached and she tried to play it.  Once I deleted the email and the digital downloads folder, connected the nook to her pc and transferred the ebook back on, everything is back to normal.