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    Nook Tablet refuses to charge. :/

      It seems as if my Nook Tablet wont charge at all. (yes the charging cord still lights up, so it's not the cord) I went to plug in my nook tablet to charge it, because it was getting low. And i noticed that even though the charger lit up when plugged in the tablet didn't seem to register that the charger was plugged in. I tried everything, even other chargers and it's now dead as a door nail. At the moment, it would serve me better as a cutting board if you ask me.in all of this trying to get the darn thing to charge i noticed that when the system is turned on (or when I try to turn it on and get the battery too low message) the light is green, but when it's off it turns the familiar orange color. I would really like to get back to reading sometime soon.

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          I am having the same problem. I plug the nook in and I get nothing. The light is orange like it should be but it's not recognizing the charge. I have tried two different cords and two different A/C adapters and neither work..even tried a factory reset.  I have contacted customer service through the chat and phone and no one is willing to help! 


          Is there a way to take the battery out and put it back in without breaking the nook and voiding the warranty?

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            Have you tried a different charger? It could be that charger that is acting up. If it is under warrany B&N can swap it out for you if that turns out to be the issue.

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              I am having the same problem what was your result?



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                when i plugged in the charger it rebooted to factory setup and wiped out everything i had on the nook. pictures gone, bookmarks gone, everything saved on it gone. only thing left is library and i hope my apps are still there.


                why is this happening.



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                  I've had that happen three different times under warranty.  First time, back in November '12 (our NT was less than a year on the market!) I had to turn in the tablet at the store and was issued a returned/refurbished one.  That one had the same probem after only two weeks!  B&N was again gracious and issued me another, which was doing fine until last week, when it happened again!  Only this time, the store doesn't sell or have any more NTs in stock...:smileysad:


                  There really seems to be an issue with the cord &/or slot that it goes in; it's awfully narrow (not much bigger than on a flip-phone charger) for a proportionally bulky, weighty piece of electronics.  Apparently, B&N has recognized the design flaw, because I notice that the new HDs & HD+s both have a much wider slot and cord attachment. 


                  Since this was strike three, B&N actually offered to ship me a BRAND NEW Tablet to replace mine for no extra charge (as long as I mail them back the original, which is of no use to me now that it's completely out of charge & won't turn on even when plugged in.) 


                  It arrived today, and seems fine as far as the charger slot/plug; however, in the middle of the laborious process of reloading all our content, the apps suddenly stopped installing after download.  I managed to finesse a couple into installing by archiving first, and later a couple more by powering off & then back on.  But now, whenever I turn it back on, I immediately get the message, "The application DownloadAdmin (process com.bn.nook.dadmin) has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again."  and the only option I have is a button that says, "Force Close." 


                  Looks like we'll be back in the store, tomorrow...:smileymad:


                  (I guess the silver lining is that I bought an HD+ on sale with $90 off for Mother's Day, which runs great except it no longer supports Adobe Flash player for some of my favorite websites... but basically the tablet is now an extra, which I intend to give to my daughter as soon as we resolve the app installation  problem.)


                  Any advice for either of these issues (dowload/install on the NT, no Flash player on HD+) would be most appreciated.  Thanks.

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                    Unfortunately, I didn't get my HD nook fixed. I took it to 3 different B&N stores already, they always said turn it off and then back on but after a while back to the same problems, it doesnt charge,some apps I purchased are gone and a book(not cheap) has something new now "LEND".

                    I am very disappointed, I shouldn't bought it.

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                      This is happening to my Nook HD+ tablet and it also happened to my two previous readers, I want to make sure I don't lose any data on the tablet. If I turn the tablet off and back on, it starts to charge showing the orange light and then it turns to green and stops charging!! I like my nook but this is getting tiresome.
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                        On my Tablet,I don't get either a green, nor an orange light,what does that mean? Do I have to get a whole new battery,or do I have to turn it in for a whole new Tablet? Please help!

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                          It's awful. I have two nook color tablets with this problem. I hope they correct it. Currently thinking of upgrading but the two but now will probably just get a new laptop instead and upgrade 1 and still not sure Nook is the best way to go. I've replaced 4 chargers and even had a nook replaced once during the warranty period because of this issue. Now that the warranty is over it's very frustrating. Bad products are not a good way to build trust and a solid customer base. I loved my Nook. Highly disappointed and so is the person I bought the other Nook Color for. If the company can not fix the issue with this particular device at least offer a discount for upgrading to a better one. 

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                            My nook refuses to charge. It lights up green but never charges device. Now, device is dead and can't be turned on. For a $300.00 device plus purchase of a new charger and no response from tech support, I regret the purchase of the device entirely.
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                              Hmm.  $300??  The NOOK Tablet has been out of production for a long time, and it was only $249 when it was a new item.  Where and when did you buy it?  What do you mean "no response from tech support"?  Who did you talk to?