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    Nook battery draining

      I am having trouble with my nook staying charged. This problem doesn't happen consistently so I am not sure what the problem is. I charged it a few days ago but have not used it. It was in sleep mode. Tried to use it today and the battery was so low it wouldn't even turn on. Wifi is off. I hadn't used any apps recently and when I do use an app I try to remember to turn off the nook completely when I am done as I have had issues with apps not shutting down and draining the battery(at least I think this is one reason why). I do not have an SD card and I am not rooted. I also have the screen brightness as low as possible and I use the energy saver mode. Twice I have have had my nook on the charger until it turned green only to find it hadn't actually charged. Other times my nook works great. It will stay in sleep mode for days with me using it a little here and a little there and not needing to charge for 5 days or longer. Any ideas?