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    Nook Charger not working

      I plugged in the charger to the walla nd plugged the USB into the nook. The charging indicator lighted up to green but not orange to indicate it's charging. I checked the settings it said it was dischargining. The battery was at 47% so it was not full. I don't know what's the problem. I got this nook 1 month ago and already the charger stops functioning. Does anyone know what's wrong?


      P.S when i turn off the tablet the charger glows orange.

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          Take it to your local BN store and I am sure they will hand ya a new one.

          This prob has occured before, so not to worry since your device is so new.

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            But don't you need sometime of warranty information to be able to replace it?
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              I have recently noticed that the INDICATOR light on myNook Tablet USB cable is RED ... but there are all indicators that it is charging ...


              According to the Quick Start Guide ...


              "The charging indicator light on the USB cable will show orange when charging and will turn green when the battery is full."


              No where in any of the User Guides does it mention what it means when the INDICATOR light is RED.



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                Doreenpv has some great advice.  Swing by your local Barnes and Noble with the defunct charger and a nook specialist will be happy to get you set up with a new one.

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                  Do you know if we call will they send me a new charger without charge becuase I don't live near a barnes and noble which sucks.

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                    I would think you could get some success from Customer Support if you are still within your warranty period (and you should be if it is a Nook Tablet).  Might just have to wait a while to have it shipped to you.

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                      I have had to replace one whole Tablet already due to the thing just quit working.  The new one is less than 3 months old, the charger cord has died.  It is not the charger pack itself, it is the cord.  I have all the bells and whistles as far as extended warranty etc.  I contacted customer support and was told, sure no problem we will send you a new one.  Great thought, ( got the box and all it had in it was the CHARGER).  I contacted customer support once again and was told that the USB power cords are out of stock... I asked if I could go to my local BN store and get a replacement and was told no...  They will send me one as soon as they are in stock again. I had to scrimp and save in order to buy my Tablet and I love the unit itself, it is easy to use, I have always been a voracious reader and am now even more so.  But for now I have this useless piece of technology sitting here for over 2 weeks that I cannot power on.  The BN website states the power cord from the color will interchange with the tablet, wrong... My sister-in-law has the color and her cord will not fit my tablet...  I am getting very frustrated.  Obviously there is a problem with the Tablet power cords if they cannot keep them in stock..  So when will I ever get a new cord, and what recompense do I get for not being able to use my tablet?