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    MP3 Player and listing on MP3 files on microSD card

      I have a friend, who owns the new Nook Tablet. She likes it a lot. But she is having trouble with the MP3 Player.


      She ripped her MP3 library to a 32GB microSD and according to her all of her MP3 files were available on the MP3 Player. Just recently, she added some MP3 files on to her microSD card. However, they aren't listed on the MP3 Player's library. She can select the MP3 songs individually, but they don't show up on the MP3 Player's library.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how she can get all of her MP3 files on the library of MP3 Player?


      Thanks! And please message me a link to any other discussion that might help me on this.

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          I have the same problem.  Apparently you have to add all your MP3s to the SD card at the same time.  Any MP3s you add to the SD card later won't show up in the music player.


          The only way I know to get around this is to reformat your SD card, which erases everything on it, and then copy all of your old MP3s, plus your new ones, back on it again, all at once.  So I spend around 8 hours or so loading up my card with my entire MP3 library every time I want to add a new album.


          It sounds crazy, but it's the only thing I know of that works.  If anyone else has a better solution, I'd really appreciate hearing about it.

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              I have seen this issue brought up a few times for the NT, I guess no one has figured it out yet.  You should post it on the Issue board below, that may get more attention fom B&N.


              I have a Nook Color and have not encountered this problem (I add songs all the time.)  But what I would try would be a reboot first (I am sure you have done that) and then different ways of loading you songs, eg, witht he Nook connected or with the card in a media reader.  Are you ejecting the card properly after loading?  What about removing and reinserting the card?  Putting the music folders in one folder on the card, or just putting the individual folders on the card. That sort of think.  I am sure that the device was not meant to perform as you describe, so there is probably a software glitch somewhere.


              My experience on these boards with the NC over the months I have had it is that very few people use the music app, I don't think B&N pays much attention to it.