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    Deleting Nook Tablets Off B&N Account

      I tried to have a online chat with someone yesterday about this, they were kind of confused, but said they got it done.  But the Tablets are still showing registered on my account.  I will try here.


      I purchased 2 Nook Tablets for my kids for Christmas.  My son's started acting all wonky, and not taking a charge.  We decided to take it back.  We deregistered the device, it was back looking like it did when we got it.  He decided that since we cant sideload apps anymore he was getting something else.  He decided on a Samsung Galaxy Player, anyway after his sister saw it she decided that is what she wanted also.  So we deregistered her device also and returned it.


      The problem, when I log into my B&N account these 2 Tablets are still showing under my account, like I still have them.  Is there anyway to get them off my B&N account?