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    My Shelves

      I just got the NT yesterday after having the NC for over a year. No problems with the NC but thought it would be faster. Anyhow the problem I am having is when I have my books in the library and I want to add a book to a custom shelf I have, the shelves either do not appear or there are missing shelves. I have tried to turn off the nook and turn it back on and the shelf is still missing. I know it is still a good shelf because I can go into my shelves and see it there I just can't add books to it now.. Anyone else having this issue? I never had this issue with the NC.

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          If you can't find a shelf when you tap on a book in my library to add it to a shelf, that means you have already added that book to the " missing" shelf. This is to prevent you from adding a book to the same shelf multiple times.