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    B&N Membership Qualifies Members for NOOKbook Discounts?

      As I stated in a previous post, I was charged $9.68 for a $1.99 NOOKbook.  My telephone conversations eventually led to an agreement that B&N would refund $7.69 to my credit card and I would retain the NOOKbook in my library.  At the end of that call, I asked if there were a reference number for the conversation and was told that I would receive a confirming e-mail.


      Well, I received the e-mail, and this is what it said:


      "Based on your recent inquiry, we feel that this issue (The ebook was at a discounted price for $1.99. However, you were not qualified for this ebook. You need to have a Barnes & Noble membership, currently, yours expired on 12/2010) was resolved."


      Really?  I can get discounted NOOKbooks with my B&N membership?  Gee, I discontinued my membership precisely because I was told that it didn't apply to NOOKbooks!