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    Application Reader Stops Unexpectedly (PDF's)

      Hi all,


      My NookTablet is having trouble reading PDF's through the Application Reader. It opens the PDF's fine, but a few pages in, it will give me an error message, suddenly stop working and return me to the My Documents area.  Then, I have to go back in, find the page it stopped on, and see how far I get before it does that again.  It is really quite a pain. 


      We tried it on a picture heavy book and a chapter book.  The picture heavy book was by far worse (pages not turning, not zooming in or out properly, freezing, etc).  I thought it was that specific book, but we're still having this 'application reader stopped unexpectedly' issue with the chapter book.  Both were downloaded from NetGalley.


      I did a quick google search on misbehaving Application Readers but couldn't find any posts pertaining to the Tablet.


      Any suggestions or this?